Astonisher #10

Priest has been behind the scenes on the Catalyst universe from the beginning, but he’s finally picked up the reins on one of the regular books, Astonisher.  #10, his first issue, is now on shelves.  I haven’t read any previous issues, but someone who has confirms my feeling that this is basically, “What if Elon Musk were Nightmask?”  (New Universe reference for you fellow older readers.)


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  1. circ says:

    It’s been ded round here a mite too long, Priest :p

    Have you considered teaching a class? I’d probably fail, but it’d be time well spent to learn a thing or seven about lore, and all of its sisters. I’m like ‘Kraven’ fighting BP, in a ‘teachmeyourways’ moment.

    I hope you’re having fun guarding your sanity and crafting eclectic awesomeness!

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