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Deathstroke Meets Jesus

Friday, May 26th, 2017
Deathstroke teaches a bible lesson to his son, Jericho.

Deathstroke teaches a bible lesson to his son, Jericho.

This next issue of Deathstroke, #20, is unique in that it breaks several longstanding comics taboos against (a) religion (Satanism is fine, can’t talk in any genuine way about God or, heaven forbid, Christ), (b) same-gender relationships (the super-villain is both a follower of Christ, a villain, and gay), and most absurdly (c) women’s feminine health issues (we are not allowed to mention or depict women going through their monthly cycle).

Next issue, the “Lazarus Contract” epilogue, includes all of the above. I have _no_ idea why I’m not fired. (more…)


Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Have you heard about the nut in Atlanta asking 300,000 people for $300 apiece so he can by a $65M jet? I’m not sure what’s more incredulous, that he’s asking or that he actually might get it.

Y’know, Pastor Joe, the poor working shmuck at your local church, has an impossible task: to demonstrate the love of Christ amid assholes like Crefloe Dollar.

Essentially Ranting

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

PraiseNet Essentials are a collection of essays and rants wherein I tilt futilely at the windmill of religion, attempting to separate religion (man’s search for God) from spirituality (man’s relationship with a higher power). Most people familiar with my comics work tend to avoid my Christian ministry, likely suspecting (as many people instinctively do) a Jerry Falwellian dogma that does not exist in my writing. I’m not trying to sell Jesus to anybody and I don’t tell people how to live. I tell people how *I* live, which is where my responsibility ends.

Just the mention of my Christianity puts people off as they immediately associate me with the nutty ultra-low-information conservatives killing doctors to prevent abortions, suppressing the vote for political gain, opposing even modest gun legislation while relentlessly attempting to write hatred and bigotry into law. These people have made the face of Christ become the face of intolerance, racism, homophobia and hatred. it is most often a scowling face routinely masked by a phony, plastic Joel Osteen smile for the TV cameras.

Write this down someplace: Those People Are Not Christians. They do not know God, they do not love God. If you hate, you are not a Christian. If you lie, you are not a Christian. Please don’t confuse me with those idiots. For that matter, please don’t confuse the Christian experience with whatever the hell that is.

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