Have you heard about the nut in Atlanta asking 300,000 people for $300 apiece so he can by a $65M jet? I’m not sure what’s more incredulous, that he’s asking or that he actually might get it.

Y’know, Pastor Joe, the poor working shmuck at your local church, has an impossible task: to demonstrate the love of Christ amid assholes like Crefloe Dollar.


  1. circ says:

    Welcome to Earth, fellow human.

    I’m still trying to figure out what all the fuss is over the Batgirl variant. Not even a fan of Albuquerque, but that cover is plenty awesome. Why DC continues on the 52 course, (lameness all-around), but this, uh, is considered offensive, I will never know.

    With the Repulikans, Bookface, and the horror show of humanity broadcast through the legion of signals bouncing around, (not to mention actual reality – when we aren’t walking into on-coming traffic while tweeting), it’s a wonder to keep one’s own sanity.

    Thankfully, I have a plethora of wise and self-convicting experiences to draw from. A full-sized mirror helps, too. Nothing like looking at one’s goofy self and remembering how nutty, selfish and human one can be. I am so thankful to not be immortal. One day, this will all be over….

    For context, this is not an intervention. Some of us can live our lives in the pain and joy of existence, without making the suicide choice.

    My apologies for interrupting a perfectly good rant.

    Lead on, brave adventurer! Your quest(s) awaits!

    • Priest Priest says:

      LOL! Quoting Reginald Hudlin to Priest a few weeks back: “You’ve got to come out of your coma.” actually, the more I wake, the more I prefer the coma. I suspect, should I live so long, I’ll be Clint in Gran Torino: no TV, listening to oldies, “What are you spooks up to?!”

      Listening, as I type this, to a radio broadcast where a panel of guests beat up the radio host defending this buy-me-a-Gulfstream idiocy. It deeply saddens me when Christians fog over Who Jesus was in His three years on earth. There is absolutely, positively, no biblical foundation for this scam this guy is running. I weep for the Pod People writing checks “in faith.” Nitwits all.

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