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Eight Is Enough

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Deathstroke #8 concludes “The Professional,” our first story arc, which was meant to not only re-establish Slade and his ersatz The Sopranos meets Married With Children supporting cast but to also explain, in a credible way, why a guy like Deathstroke continues to walk around the DC Universe. In other words, why isn’t every DCU hero working night and day to capture or kill this man? In my view, until we find a credible answer to that question, we have no book; we’re just kind of winging it and being untrue to either Deathstroke or the DCU heroes or both.

In issue #8 (on sale, I think, next week) we attempt to answer that question or at least get the conversation started. Larry, Carlo, Jason and Jeromy deliver a powerful arc finale pitting our guy against the virtual embodiment of all things DC heroic.