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Priest: Unscented

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Today, I smell like a man. I really hate that.

It’s driving me completely insane–this…this stench. It’s a manly smell, like so many men I’ve smelled in my life. Hard to describe, a kind of taxi driver smell. A church deacon smell. I have to suppose some men like smelling like this because so many men do, but I hate it.

I prefer to smell like nothing; to come and go like the wind. Imperceptible, un-smellable. Priest: Unscented. Yet, here I am, smelling like a man. Every few minutes I move this way or that, and catch a whiff of myself. Horrible. (more…)

Gobble, Gobble

Friday, November 20th, 2015

I’ve posted an episode sampler from “1999” to the Kindle store. “1999 Limited Edition” will be a free download this weekend, Nov 21-22, as well as Thanksgiving week, Wednesday Nov 25 through Friday, Nov 27. It contains five sample episodes from Book 1 and 2, which kind of sucks for those of you who actually paid for Books 1 and 2 (although, combined, those are twelve episodes).

Unfortunately, the only way to effectively promote a book on Amazon is to give it away, period. Every other avenue requires exhausting investment in social media and other platforms that I honestly don’t have time for. But Kindle readers gobble up free stuff (and who can blame them), which helps (somewhat) in rankings but more important, raises visibility of the series as a whole.

If you’re active on message boards or Facebook pages, feel free to repost this or pass on the word. The five episodes make a great introduction to the series, No Kindle is required. Oh, and even if you don’t download it (because you already have these eps), please do me a solid and leave a (hopefully positive) review. That really helps, too.

Wishing everybody a Happy Turkey… –cjp

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