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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

The issue is a major home run, maybe our best so far, which is immodest only if you don’t consider I’m just one of a bunch of people responsible for it.

With #7, I think we’ve finally gotten the recipe right, especially the visual cues of Deathstroke is now a sleek night creature as opposed to the broader all-purpose hulking super-soldier, as well as the dynamic of Slade’s character.

Special shout out to colorist Jeromy Cox who is simply amazing here. I think I actually audibly gasped when I turned the page past the Watchmen/TDKR yak-yak on page one (which was intended to slog the pace and set up the punch-in-the-face 2-page splash). The book just looks way better than a comic book should.

The issue successfully launches post-Rebirth Jericho, which new readers should like while longtime DC fans will either love or hate. We’ll see. The only major flaw in this issue is mine; I forgot to identify Joseph as Jericho (the name “Jericho” never appears), which is a terrible rookie error.

I believe the Superman 2-fer (#7-8) closes out the first collection/trade nicely and caps our evolution of this character and his supporting cast. I hope it is well received. I can easily see all of the effort editor Alex Antone and the Deathstroke team have invested in it.

Somebody *please* send this issue to Affleck.

Thanks and Happy Turkey.


Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Deathstroke #6, which I presume arrived this week or is about to arrive, features the return of Carlo Pagulayan and Michael Jason Patz as well as Matthew “Ja Zaki” Bland, aka The Red Lion. Joseph (Jericho) Wilson makes his post-Rebirth series debut as well. Also, what to do with poor Richard, Rose’s misbegotten boyfriend, and an ending that will likely be talked about for quite some time.

*Please* mark any spoilers. Thanks!