Astonisher #10

Priest has been behind the scenes on the Catalyst universe from the beginning, but he’s finally picked up the reins on one of the regular books, Astonisher.  #10, his first issue, is now on shelves.  I haven’t read any previous issues, but someone who has confirms my feeling that this is basically, “What if Elon Musk were Nightmask?”  (New Universe reference for you fellow older readers.)



  1. circ says:

    It’s been ded round here a mite too long, Priest :p

    Have you considered teaching a class? I’d probably fail, but it’d be time well spent to learn a thing or seven about lore, and all of its sisters. I’m like ‘Kraven’ fighting BP, in a ‘teachmeyourways’ moment.

    I hope you’re having fun guarding your sanity and crafting eclectic awesomeness!

  2. BigShadow says:

    ever plan on writing Thor for Marvel?

    • Dave Van Domelen says:

      Technically, he did write a “Thor in the Wild West” two-parter a while back, I regret having gotten rid of my copies during my great purge.

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