Priest Week – December 6!

The final issue of Inhumans: Once and Future Kings (#5), the first Priest-written issue of Justice League (#34), and a neither first nor last issue of Deathstroke (#26) all hit stores this week!


  1. Ian Miller says:

    I am INCREDIBLY excited about this week! Don’t forget the Priest Deathstroke story in the Holiday Special!

  2. BigShadow says:

    eye hope for myself and a friend you stick on JL for a good long while and hopefully liven up the roster maybe add mera to the team?

  3. alternativefactors says:

    Really excited about JL! Hope you stay for a long time Mr. Priest.

  4. Ian Miller says:

    Oh, man. ALL of the Priest comics today are incredible! From the mundane mixed with the fantastic in Justice League, to the sins coming home to roost in Deathstroke (and also, I really want to know what’s up with Rose these days – I miss the days of Dad and Rose on the Road from early Deathstroke, though I wouldn’t give up any of the team members either), to the Deathstroke Christmas in the Holiday Special, to the Inhumans emotionally brutal conclusion – and Priest has SUCH amazing artist collaborators. Woods, Noto, Neves, and more!

    Man. I’m spending so much money today!

  5. Vernell Chapman says:

    Been a longtime fan of yours going all the way back to Conan. Congratulations on the Justice League assignment. I think we can all agree this is one book that will not be canceled because of the Priest curse. Excelsior!

  6. Alex says:

    It sounded like you’re on Justice League for only one arc… that’s disappointing. First issue was really good.

  7. Allik of MD says:

    Happy Priest week! Haven’t been this excited about NCBD in awhile. That new Justice League was great.

  8. max says:

    i have loved once and future kings so much and really wish it was an ongoing!

  9. Quinton F. says:

    Yaaay, the ONE good upgrade Slade has gotten in over 6 years gets destroyed this issue…… Nice…

  10. Dave Van Domelen says:

    (No comments from me yet, because Diamond lost my store’s entire shipment.)

  11. BigShadow says:

    please Mr Priest stay on Justice League for a good long while please

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