Priest Week – December 6!

The final issue of Inhumans: Once and Future Kings (#5), the first Priest-written issue of Justice League (#34), and a neither first nor last issue of Deathstroke (#26) all hit stores this week!


  1. Ian Miller says:

    I am INCREDIBLY excited about this week! Don’t forget the Priest Deathstroke story in the Holiday Special!

  2. BigShadow says:

    eye hope for myself and a friend you stick on JL for a good long while and hopefully liven up the roster maybe add mera to the team?

  3. alternativefactors says:

    Really excited about JL! Hope you stay for a long time Mr. Priest.

  4. Ian Miller says:

    Oh, man. ALL of the Priest comics today are incredible! From the mundane mixed with the fantastic in Justice League, to the sins coming home to roost in Deathstroke (and also, I really want to know what’s up with Rose these days – I miss the days of Dad and Rose on the Road from early Deathstroke, though I wouldn’t give up any of the team members either), to the Deathstroke Christmas in the Holiday Special, to the Inhumans emotionally brutal conclusion – and Priest has SUCH amazing artist collaborators. Woods, Noto, Neves, and more!

    Man. I’m spending so much money today!

  5. Vernell Chapman says:

    Been a longtime fan of yours going all the way back to Conan. Congratulations on the Justice League assignment. I think we can all agree this is one book that will not be canceled because of the Priest curse. Excelsior!

  6. Alex says:

    It sounded like you’re on Justice League for only one arc… that’s disappointing. First issue was really good.

  7. Allik of MD says:

    Happy Priest week! Haven’t been this excited about NCBD in awhile. That new Justice League was great.

  8. max says:

    i have loved once and future kings so much and really wish it was an ongoing!

  9. Quinton F. says:

    Yaaay, the ONE good upgrade Slade has gotten in over 6 years gets destroyed this issue…… Nice…

  10. Dave Van Domelen says:

    (No comments from me yet, because Diamond lost my store’s entire shipment.)

  11. BigShadow says:

    please Mr Priest stay on Justice League for a good long while please

  12. Devon Browning says:

    I had the luxury of writing about you for this year’s top writers:

  13. Wow, is it true that Cyborg Vic Stone is going to be the new leader of the Justice League? If so, extremely cool, and even cooler that Mr. Priest is writing this!

    sidebar: I hope that some of the characters and themes in the “Batman: Prodigal” are revisited, that was maybe the best one-shot Batman issue I’ve ever read.

  14. yuri says:

    Why is Batman suddenly causing errors like this due to lack of sleep? He has stated specifically under numerous runs to have been compressing his sleep after training under masters abroad. It’s hard to believe that he is suddenly messing up like this while he’s been away for 2-3 days without any problems whatsoever.

  15. BigShadow says:

    Eye really like Glenn Gammeron any plans for more of him on Justice League or his mysterious pal John Jones and will Mys-Tek show sorry if eye am being a pest

  16. Off Topic:
    Marvel has released a new press release announcing that they have the Conan the Barbarian license again! Supposedly new comics coming soon, 2019 possibly?
    Priest, I would love it if you became the premier writer for new Conan comics! That would be great!

  17. Ian Miller says:

    New blogpost for Deathstroke #27 and Justice League? And the Deathstroke Annual coming soon?

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