Trek: I Was Wrong

Worf actually has been seen on-screen commanding the Enterprise.

In the closing moments of the Season Four episode “Data’s Day,” Data arrives on the Enterprise bridge to assume command of the graveyard shift and relieves Worf, who is in command of the Enterprise and seated in the captain’s chair.

Meanwhile, the sequel to Abrams Trek has been pushed back (surprise) 11 months:


  1. Hysan says:

    Hello, Priest. Hope your holiday was devoid of annoyances. 🙂

    I’m not surprised by that. 2012 has the Batman sequel *and* The Avengers. Even the Man of Steel movie was pushed back to 2013. No one wants to compete with what will obviously be monster hits.

    Oh yeah, and there’s a movie about some Spidery guy coming out then, too.

  2. Thelmon says:

    I saw a documentary Wednesday, November 30th on the Science Channel called Trek Nation by Gene Roddenberry’s son.

    Keith Obermann is sporting a beard and not wearing a tie on his show on Current TV.

    Valiant Comics returns in 2012.

  3. JD DeMotte says:

    I’m not particurally surprised the Abrams Trek has been pushed back. Even if it didn’t have some crazy competition this summer with some major tentpole movies, that only gives it seven months to finish, and that’s presuming they’re ready to film today. For a big budget, lots o’ special effects feature, that’s not much time.

    That said, despite having some nits to pick with the first one, I did enjoy it quite it a bit and look forward to the sequel whenever it materializes.

  4. Hmm. After blowing up/imploding the planet Vulcan and starting a black hole from scratch, I wonder what the next film will do to amp up the mayhem? On another level, I hope the next film deals more with the moral dilemmas/social allegory of the TV series, instead of a ‘blow-em up!’ climax.
    Since this is supposed to be “a new continuity”, I hope that the script is more generous with character moments for all of the characters, and not just the traditional triumvirate of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. (I also wouldn’t mind some more crazy monsters, like on the ice-planet.)

    • Generosity with character moments seems to be the turf of the IDW “between the movies” comics right now. Why they’re reworking the scripts of whatever TOS episodes seem appropriate for the comics, I’ve no clue, but I hope the original scriptwriters of those episodes – or their heirs/estates – are getting their fair share of whatever revenue’s coming in.

  5. JD DeMotte says:

    My fear is that the next film will use Khan. Everyone loves Wrath of Khan, and that was the second film in the original cast films, so it makes sense to bring him back here, right? Well… no, far from it really. Wrath of Khan worked because of the history between Kirk and Khan. The original episode that introduced Khan, Space Speed, was good, but hardly the most memorable episode of the original run. But there were rumors of Benicio del Toro playing a “classic Star Trek” villain and I worry…

  6. I admit to no small amount of curiosity about Bernard Cumberbatch’s role in ST XII.

  7. And how was Avengers for you?