Deathstroke: Year of the Wheelon discussion

Okay, it’s been a year, I guess I’ll start a new thread.  🙂  Discussion of the Year of the Villain issues, go!


  1. Ian Miller says:

    It’s been AMAZING! From Deathstroke v. Batman, to Arkham, to Terminus Agenda, to RIP – it’s been so brutal, physically and emotionally! And, of course, morally. I’m really hoping that Hosun didn’t die in the most recent issue, but if he did, that’s such a character arc – a smart but fairly apathetic guy who becomes a hero through falling in love with a villain’s daughter.

  2. TheDeathSkeleton says:

    It’s been an amazing year and simply an amazing series. Deathstroke has become more than he has been since 2000 and I am eternally grateful for that. Deathstroke has finally felt like Deathstroke, not just a Merc with one eye (like virtually every other writer treats him as), and just like Deadpool and Black Panther, Christopher Priest has truly evolved Deathstroke into something better than he was. I will truly cherish this Deathstroke series and will have high standards for the next.

  3. Alex says:

    This has been a truly incredible arc so far. What a way to close this all out. One thing that really bothers me though… how is Raptor still alive? He died quite a while ago in Nightwing. Does Priest not know? Or does he know something I don’t?

    • Dave Van Domelen says:

      Isn’t the Raptor in Deathstroke not the original? Like, took the ID and gear of the original.

      • Ian Miller says:

        I don’t think Raptor is an imposter. Slade stole his identity during the Power Girl arc (just before Defiance), but he came back in #25. I think he’s still around, because comics. 🙂

        • Dave Van Domelen says:

          The DC Wiki doesn’t give details, but lists “Appearance of Death” rather than actual death for Raptor.

  4. Cthulhudrew says:

    Not a comment on Year of the Villain per se (although its a great arc, and I’m saddened to learn that the series is coming to a close soon), but I wanted to ask if you have been watching Season 2 of Titans?

    Deathstroke features prominently (played by Esai Morales), and the latest episode in particular struck me as being heavily influenced by your Deathstroke series, as it touched closely on Slade’s paternal feelings towards Jericho, and how the relationship between the two was portrayed. Slade is a bit more openly caring towards his son, admittedly, but the underlying current of fatherly love is one that I only know from your own series.

  5. Leonidas Wilson says:

    Since that first issue Deathstroke has been my favorite comic . But man, these last issues, what a blast! Issue 48 in particular is my favorite in the whole series. Almost never showing Slade thoughts paid off. Made the last issue really impactful and memorable. The other deathstroke was a brilliant idea in my eyes. Since the beginning, i saw Slade as the villain of his own comic, his actions destroy the lives of everyone close to him, so having the final boss a version of him works for me. Having to beat himself, but a version of himself that embodies only his worst traits it’s a great way to finish his development. I have a question about the other Slade, is he a commentary on the “wrong” things people get about this character? Anyway, loving this! It’s sad this series is ending but i get that, it’s better to have a story with an end, a proper end, then to go on after all the necessary story beats have been done.
    Deathstroke is the only comic i still buy, that i still get excited for. Well, it’s been a bash.

  6. Leonidas Wilson says:

    just read issue 49. I always loved this series since the beginning but this issue made me realize how much more it means to me. Great stuff, “fake” Slade hugging Billy was a powerful moment. it sadness me that this comic is ending but issue 50, here we go!

  7. Havent got to read them. Been to stacked busy on other issues. But I will.

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