October Comics Thread

Deathstroke #24 (of COURSE Wally has an external monologue), and once it’s out Inhumans Once and Future Kings #3.


  1. Elijah_ says:

    Did you guys read Bonny and Kirkham’s Superman 31 and 32? If so, what did you think of it?

    • Ian Miller says:

      I read it. It was…fine. But it doesn’t really say anything about Deathstroke, I thought. Which, fair enough, it’s a Superman comic, and he didn’t go out like a punk (cough Batman cough), but it didn’t scratch the itch Deathstroke does.

      Speaking of normal Deathstroke, I loved the way Wally’s narrative takes the story forward from a different perspective. Really fun training by Slade and Wintergreen, with all the plotlines continuing to boil. I personally don’t think Slade really forgot about the Society, and this is all part of the PLAN! 🙂

      Some commentators are really hot and bothered by Terra’s comments about her past with Slade, but I’m like…he cheated with his son’s fiancee, and is a bad person. Why is everyone mad about this? (I mean, if he nuked a city, or murdered someone for fun, I could see it, but being a person with unhealthy sexual relationships seems pretty par for the course for Slade).

      • Elijah_ says:

        Yeah. One thing I noticed about #24 is that Priest put Vandal Savage in there as per fan request. I remember seeing that conversation going down on this blog months ago. Very well done.

      • Rawhoth says:

        Unhealthy relationships sure. Bringing back the most infamously controversial relation in Slade’s history and doubling down on it with the implications that come with Terra reminding Slade of his daughter… ehhh. Maybe not the choice I would have made. Of all the things to be Rebirthed THIS would have been best left behind in the rapture. We now live in an era where every little thing is examined under a microscope. The bigger you are the more you’ll be scrutinized. Look no further then the president of the United States.

        Deathstroke is clearly at the cusp of being a break out character. He’s about to hit the big screen and make a mainstream name for himself. In this backwards country, as far as successful characters go, nuking a city or murdering for fun would look leagues better on Slade’s resume than intimate relations with a minor. An unfortunately timed headline on the subject could be all that stands between Deathstroke and an exponential spike in popularity. Villain or not.

        In my opinion if we are ever to truly “reclaim some ground for Deathstroke that Deadpool had taken from him.” we have to stop throwing Slade under the bus. We need to be thinking about these things before there’s no turning back from publication. The fan base is there. Let’s not poke holes in our own raft. Rather, let’s continue to build a solid foundation upon which we can sculpt a DC icon.

  2. Sam says:

    Wally taking advantage of being on Defiance to spy on Slade wasn’t a surprise but its been entertaining in this issue from genuine humor to revelations about various members. It’s nice to see Wally as such a good intentioned yet inexperienced young hero. It helps to flesh him out as an endearing character rather than just “the black Wally West.” It’s quite a shame he’ll be going back to the Damian and Friends book soon.

    I really enjoyed the downtime and out of combat interactions between the Defiance members which is sometimes forgotten among the superhero drama. There’s also as well as what this will lead to down the line. Such as, Joey lacking someone to trust in his family (and also not to accuse him as “not being true to himself” for being bisexual) maybe finding someone on the team here (I know I said this concerning LC but it was little heartbreaking to me seeing Joey’s Titans history wiped clean and now his closest friends never knowing him) to rely on. Or just learning more about Tara’s past with the Wilsons, which hey she and Slade did have….some kind of history. And what the heck is going on with Rose’s sword.

    There’s also some continuity questions given the villains in this issue, but the anniversary issue’s still going to be an interesting read (&birthday present in my case!) regardless.

    And kudos to the artist in general but especially for the Easter Egg of Tara’s 80s hair via wig.

  3. BigShadow says:

    wonder if Dr (Arthur) Light will show up in Justice League or Dr (Kimiyo) Light or even Dr (Thomas) Light

  4. BigShadow says:

    mr priest if u r reading this check out Demon Knights a medieval Super Team with a “young” Vandal Savage https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11114/111146030/4569778-7967080539-a7TAD.jpg

  5. Ian Miller says:

    Really enjoyed this month’s Inhumans. The elliptical nature of the narrative makes me wonder if this story is bigger than the 5 issues of the miniseries. Medusa’s characterization was really enjoyable, and Crystal’s scene was incredibly cute and fun. Still have no real idea of where the story will lead, and am excited to see where it goes!

  6. BigShadow says:

    with the new age of heroes just around the corner an your new Justice League run starting has either of those fact made u consider bringing back Mystek to the DCU? http://tansyrr.com/tansywp/where-the-wonder-women-are-24-mystek/ this fan’s article inspired my question

  7. Tyrone says:

    Were the events Slade hallucinated in Deathstroke 25 accurate to what would have happened, if his suit hadn’t been drained/they hadn’t been pumping him with drain cleaner to prevent him from just breaking free? I run a Deathstroke account on Instagram where I post facts/feats/etc., and would like to know if that’s how Slade vs The Society would’ve went down. If I post it, people will just say “that wouldn’t happen it’s just a hallucination”, but if I have confirmation from you, it can’t be denied. (Also my apologies if this posted twice. It didn’t appear after I hit submit the first time.)

  8. Tyrone says:

    Also was Slade Ikon suit protecting him from the psionic blasts, or was it his own telepathic resistance. I wasn’t sure because it looks like it was the shit, but at the same time Slade does have a high level of telepathic resistance since Jericho stated in the last issue of the first N52 series that Slade and Rose are “too strong to control”

  9. Brandon A Embree says:

    Mr Priest, early on somewhere around issue 2 I reached out to you saying I was so happy with what you were doing with my favorite character. You told me to wait and keep reading before praising. Youve given so much to this character and 25 was such a great nod to how badass his character is. Thanks again. Im still in and still loving it

  10. Brandon A Embree says:

    I commented on here somewhere around issue 2 thanking you for what you did with my favorite character. You told me to wait and keep reading. What youve done with Deathstroke has been amazing. I hope you stay on the title for a while longer. Issue 25 blew me away. Definitely solidified Deathstroke is DC’s most badass character. Thanks for the redemption against Black Manta too by the way

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