The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Holy Cow. Just visited Rick Perry’s website– it looks a LOT like Barack Obama’s ’08 site.


  1. Thelmon Baggett says:


  2. Dave Van Domelen says:

    Curse you, Perry the Plutocrat! This trap will get you for sure!

  3. Thelmon says:

    What was Rick Perry on earlier this week? Did anyone see the speech he gave? Have anyone seen the Herman Cain campaign commercial? What about the Cain sex scandal and illegal campaign fundraising? Then there’s the economic meltdown in Greece and the general strike that happened in Oakland, California? Anyone have any comments?

    • priest says:

      I do. I’ve just been too tied up to make them, and by the time I actually have something to say about one thing, up pops another. it’s a real circus. My bigger Q is why aren’t any serious Repubs getting in? There are a number of GOP heavyweights just sitting this out while the nuts steer the ship.

      • Thelmon says:

        It’s like a daily soap opera. The serious Repubs are, indeed, waiting for the circus to leave town. Or worse, they may not even want to get involved because of the lunacy. They may have decided it’s better to stay away and keep their sanity than to get involved.