I’m Back, Baby!


“Priest is a hack and Deathstroke is overrated.” by Anonymous

“A nigger.” by Anonymous

“He’s also a self hating nigger”

And this guy–


Such hostility. Sheesh.

FTR: No, I did not get permission from DC beforehand. And this nut–

“What’s his ‘Death of Jean DeWolff?'”

Actually, my “Death of Jean DeWolff” is “Death of Jean DeWolff.” I edited that book and helped Peter plot it in his living room.

It’s great to be back!!!


  1. Rawhoth says:

    Anonymity can certainly bring out the worst in people. 4chan in particular being a widely known champion of unregulated prejudice and bias 14 years running. Vulgarity is practically a competition over there.

    Here’s to hoping those users find a more productive way of channeling their frustrations.

    That Death of Jean DeWolff comment is quite amusing. What are the odds?

  2. Coke says:

    You should really focus more on the positives in that thread. Besides, it’s not like those two weren’t called out for being the edgy underage redditors they likely were.

  3. Alex says:

    Well, the one good thing about 4chan is that it’s uncensored so the posters aren’t afraid of sharing an unpopular opinion in fear of “downvotes” and stuff and people don’t say things just for peer approval and imaginary internet points. Of course, the lack of censorship also results in some pointless racism and insults casually thrown around but as with everything in life, you gotta turn the other cheek and take the bad with the good, having thick skin is a good thing. As far as I know, the overwhelming majority of Deathstroke readers on the /co/ board are huge huge fans of your work, either in general or on this specific title. The worst part of the crossover, as I suspected is the Flash fans(especially the Wally West ones) that see everything as a power level measuring contest, the character basically made a name for himself when writers where far more interested in raising his power level and making his powers incredibly overpowering so when he shows up and doesn’t defeat everyone and solve all the problems, his fans have a fit and start with the name calling but it’s best to ignore some of these people that refused to grow up and instead of caring about stories, they care about “who wins in a fight between x and y”. The other guy that doesn’t even know you edited the Death of Jean DeWolf or about you character defining legendary Black Panther run is fairly amusing but he does have a small point in that mature and complex issues have been done before it’s just that you also have a point because lately there’s been less risk taking in the industry and the number of writers willing to tell complex stories with mature themes has gone down.
    But I gotta say, it IS great to have you back! If DC’s editors are any smart they’d give you another project but I doubt they are, especially in this really bland rebirth era.

  4. José says:

    As a regular /co/ visitor and poster, I wanted to say that a lot of people there just post inflammatory BS for the heck of it. As another commenter pointed out, most of the people there who have read your work are huge fans of it, especially your work on Black Panther, Quantum and Woody, and of course your current Deathstroke. Speaking for many people on the site, it would be great to hold conversation with you there. Posters on /co/ like when creators go there and talk with them. Don’t let haters discourage you. Their problem isn’t even with you; they are just trying to get the other poster’s attention, make everyone mad and derail conversation.
    In the end, I was very excited when it was announced you would be writing Deathstroke. Hopefully we get to see you work on other books, too.


  5. empathy4dedstrokes says:

    Can you consider an either Aids or sex disease for Deathstroke?
    At this time he’s too much of a stu and no one can actually relate to the guy. Can you give some sort “weakness” or shortcoming?

    Just like Wally weak heart (I think it’s a good addition)
    I think Slade need something like that. And knowing he fuck ever girls surely one of them carries some sexual disease?
    Please consider it.

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