Not-So-Mad Maximus

So, I’m writing The Inhumans: Once and Future Kings, my first new work for Marvel in nearly a decade. It’s easiest to think of this as X-Men: First Class with The Inhumans. 16-year old Black Bolt and his impish younger (and not-Mad) brother Maximus save the life of the King whose name is now Unspoken and, in so doing, set off several Trumpian political misunderstandings that leads the brothers and their cousin Medusa to flee the island city of Attilan to take refuge in a far-off, dangerous and exotic world– Greenwich Village. The King subsequently sends the remaining royals to hunt down the three and bring them back to face him.

Phil Noto is amazing. He has reimagined the classic Inhuman cast in an energetic and fun way. “Fun” is, pretty much, the keyword for the series– a word not usually associated with The Inhumans. Neither is “humor,” but there is a lot of that in here as well.

I’ve never written the Inhumans before, which is what intrigued me about it. That, and the opportunity to reinvent them as teens lost in the world outside our window. The series, due in August (yikes, we’re late) is just a blast to write. So much so that I’m really chagrined Marvel’s only asked for five issues.

This coming of age era is rich and unexplored territory for the Inhuman cast, and a refreshing glimpse of what makes these characters so popular.

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