Sorry, been tied up and haven’t had a chance to check in here. Deathstroke #11 was obviously a special one-off issue reuniting the team from STEEL (link) (remember those guys?). It amazes me that so many have commented about these two “industry heavyweights.” Not while we were doing STEEL. Nobody even noticed. Man, I miss that book.

Anyway, here’s a link to Denys and my NPR interview and a piece in The Chicago Tribune.

Big thanks also to Reginald Hudlin for his uncredited plot assist.


  1. circ says:

    Short and sweet interview. Doesn’t appear to be a link in your 2nd sentence?

    Are there any answers for the cycle of ‘tribal’ violence? I imagine DS’s “aim” quip was a reflection of the cynicism of the times?

  2. JD DeMotte says:

    I really loved this issue. Might be my favorite yet. It was a nicely challenging issue that approached a serious subject with a fantastical element, but kept it respectful. Keep up the great work.

  3. VersasoVantare says:

    I also thought the Chicago issue was really good, particularly becaused it touched on so many of the issues relate to what’s happening there, and managed to involve Deathstroke without him seeming out of place.

    I’d also like to say that I also enjoyed Steel. I wasn’t reading it when it was coming out, but I tracked down the back issues after reading about it on Priest’s page about it on his site(and like he said, they were going cheap, about 50p each). What issues I couldn’t find at the shop I got on comixology.
    Really funny stuff, and I thought a great example of a character and their setting working well together. I often don’t like straightman characters, but I thought Steel/Irons was pretty great, partly because his being the most sensible person came with the trade-off of seeming almost emotionally repressed, so while the people around him were much weirder, they also seemed a bit more in-touch with themselves.

  4. circ says:

    Is there something to DS being in b&w for the last two panels or am I overthinking it?

  5. Sam says:

    I really want to thank you Mr. Priest for such a nuanced look into an issue and exploring the many factors. This is very refreshing for a number of reasons, one of them being the embarrassing, polar-opposite-of-this-issue Deathstroke story in the otherwise wonderful “Love is Love” anthology.

  6. DeathSkeleton says:

    Extremely Interesting issue, although I was sad not to have Rose or Jericho appear, The Creeper is interesting and the whole Goal of this comic was spectacular to read into.
    Thank you for such a good, new read, involving Deathstroke.

  7. HELLBOY says:

    How fast is Slade? Would you compare his speed to Captain America? Black Panther?

  8. Deathstroke Rules. says:

    Hey Mr Priest, I was wondering if you could confirm whether or not Deathstroke’s staff can blast Plasma?

    • Priest Priest says:

      Full disclosure: I don’t know what energy is coming out of it. I’ll leave that to Dave VanD. But he *did* fit a plasma torch to it in issue #8, so I presume that’s plasma or some sort coming out of it.

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