A Judicial Memoir

For more than two decades he has petitioned the governor and received a drawerful of legal forms and denials for his trouble. The Reverend Promise Y. Lee, Th.M., pastor and founder of the Relevant Word Christian Cultural Center in Colorado Springs, spent the formative years of his adolescence in general population at one of Colorado’s maximum security prisons. Pardoned: A Judicial Memoir is a true story of a 15-year old convicted of second-degree murder and left to fend for himself among hardened criminals and predators within America’s penal system. Written by my friend, Promise Lee, Pardoned is in development as an independent film project, and I’ve helped out with some early draft scripting.

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  1. hysan says:

    I wish I could say I can’t believe what happened to this young man…but sadly, it’s all too believable. 🙁