Bleeding Cool interview of August 19, 2016

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  1. Mario Di Giacomo says:

    Not a lot of new information regarding PriestStroke, but it’s great to hear the news about XERØ. I assume it would skip the Doctor Polaris issue (not that the story needs it) but any word on getting the last couple of issues redrawn, Priest? You’ve talked about it before. What about recoloring?

    I would be first in line for a BLACK PANTHER: THE CLIENT novel (as I would be for XERØ: THE NOVEL πŸ˜‰ ) . Maybe with the movie coming out, you can get Marvel interested?

  2. Truly, it’s kismet! Deathstroke will reportedly be a main villain in the next solo Batman movie, starring Ben Affleck. Warner Studios should be reaching out to Priest to write the script!

    • Rawhoth says:

      So hyped. The Wrap is super confident about the “main villain” scoop to. The journalist who broke it bet 5 grand and his job on it’s validity. Surely Deathstroke comic sales are about to see a sizable incline.

      • Mario Di Giacomo says:

        I’m a bit confused by the rumored test footage, though. I thought the entire point of the relaunch/redesign was to make Slade more film-ready, but the outfit in the clip is more RoboCop than Solid Snake.

        • Rawhoth says:

          I had the same thought. Though I’m not complaining. It’s personally one of my favorite Deathstroke looks and really the definitive one to most people.

          My guess is that Johns and Priest are incorporating a little foresight into the equation. If people fall in love with the Terminator during his first outing he has the potential to spin into his own franchise or other films were he wouldn’t always be “wearing that hardware store”.

          • Priest Priest says:

            Nobody asked me about what Movie Deathstroke should wear, and I am assuming Affleck and co. are basing their interpretation on Arrow and/or on N52 because their stuff was already in the can before our concept shipped. Unclear as to how much influence Geoff has or at what point he became involved with the production. I *am* hoping, however, that the Batfleck team picks up the current series rather than invent a grunting Bane-type cipher πŸ™‚ Moviegoers who end up liking CypherStroke won’t get what we’re doing at all πŸ™‚

            FWIW: I don’t care much for Robo Batman, either. Armored Batman seems to work against the core of the character.

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