Not Yet

Haven’t seen the new Marvel movie. Not reading movie-related posts because I’d rather people not assume I’ve seen it and spoil it for me 🙂

Thank you, folks emailing and posting congrats. Much appreciated–but I had nothing whatsoever to do with this film 🙂

Swamped, will get around to seeing it sooner or later. Thanks!


  1. Heath Johnson says:

    Well whether you think you had anything to do with this movie or not you did, and thank you for that. Enjoy your viewing!

  2. Thought of you today, not sure how to write so I thought I would leave a note. Hope you are well brother.

  3. Anthony M. says:

    I would figure that you are being congratulated because of the inclusion of characters you created. What you brought to the BP mythos and to cenema should be recognized. Great stuff.

    • Priest Priest says:

      Thanks. I still haven’t seen the movie 🙂 Part of me goes, “Well, you’ve seen one superhero punch-out, you’ve seen them all.”

      • Ralf Haring says:

        Just saw it this weekend and it’s quite good. BP is not just a small cameo but a major part of the plot throughout the movie. Not as stellar as Winter Soldier, but possibly the best Avengers-as-a-team movie so far.

      • Nick says:

        I kinda agree, but at a technical level, the superhero punch-out in this one is the best one yet.

        That said, it’s at least a partial departure from the usual Marvel formula, and is more character/relationship driven than “oh no, a bad guy we have to beat up” driven.

        I’ll keep my Panther thoughts to myself until/unless you see it.