1999: The Sequel (Sort Of)

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Among the more unfair things a publisher can do is publish part one of something when they have no idea when parts 2 and so forth will become available. That’s more or less what I’ve selfishly done, post Book One of the 1999 sequel, “1999: Red And Black,” without knowing when I’ll be able to get back to finish the novel. I’d planned this 4-book series for a Spring release, but I’ve become swamped with other things that will likely push Red and Black into the fall. I just wanted to get Book One posted before the March 25th release date of Batman vs. Superman, for reasons which will become obvious if you actually read the book. I’ve not seen any more of the film than most of you have—trailers and clips—and I doubt the film or anything DC may be doing will have much in common with the Red And Black storyline, but I thought I’d do the premature posting just for the record. I’ll keep you posted as to when I’ll be able to finish the novel but, for now, here’s a preview of the 1999 sequel.

As for the original 1999:
I’d assumed Amazon would send out alerts as the remaining installments were published (roughly one per month after Book One). Apparently, they did not, as I am only now learning a lot of people who read and enjoyed Book One had no idea the remainder of the series had been published. Amazon has also taken down the series page because I un-published the sampler (“1999 Limited Edition”). I suppose that’s how their automation works, but it’s unfortunate (and a real pain) that I have to go back and forth with customer service to try and get them to stop doing dumb stuff.

1999 has been posted in its entirety and all four installments have been available for months now. I have no immediate plans to consolidate them into a single volume, as I am pursuing avenues to release this book in print, ideally with illustrations (the project was conceived as an illustrated novel). I’ll know more towards the summer, and will post here as things develop. Thank you, everyone who has supported this work.


  1. circ says:

    Good to know. I am tempted to wait til the physical copy (is it too much to ask for a HC?) is released. I’ve enjoyed that word/illust team up since the old Holmes stories. Any chance you have mobi versions for purchasers who are annoyed with the tablet/cloud format?

    • Priest Priest says:

      Circ: can’t say for sure when HC will be available, thugh I may have smoe print-to-order copies made up out of sheer vanity 🙂

      “Any chance you have mobi versions for purchasers who are annoyed with the tablet/cloud format?”

      Not sure what you mean… aren’t all Kindle files .mobi…?


      • circ says:

        I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the p-t-o. Right about the Kindle vers. I forgot to grab the file out of its HD. My bad.

  2. Jeff Q. says:

    So glad to hear more is coming. Loved 1999 and will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.
    I’ve been a long time lurker and don’t recall any comment about the full cast production of your sleepers book. http://www.graphicaudio.net/dc-comics-green-lantern-sleepers-book-three.html
    I don’t know if you receive any money from it, knowing comics probably not, but I have to say it was really, really well done. As the author, maybe the edits would make you cringe, but it’s well worth a listen.
    There’s a moment at the end where Hal has a realization that, with the voice acting, music and sound effects is really powerful. Plus, the cover is better.
    Honestly, if I were you I’d be contacting them to see if they’d like to adapt 1999. It seems up there alley.

    • Priest Priest says:

      Wow– I actually had never heard that. Makes the book sound actually exciting 🙂 Yes, it sounds like they did a great job. I’ll have to get a copy. And, sure, I’ll reach out re: 1999. Thanks for the head’s up and the very kind words.

  3. Mario Di Giacomo says:

    So… Deathstroke?

  4. Dave Van Domelen says:

    Done reading this. Clearly, one of the new players would never found his own team…because that would inevitably get called the Blue Man Group.

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