Pot: What We’ve Learned

The downside of legalizing marijuana here in Colorado: stinky people. Finding it difficult to ride mass transit here. The smell is simply indescribable. Not being a drug user myself, I can’t help but wonder: aren’t pot smokers aware of how badly they stink? I mean, some guy sat behind me the other day and my eyes began watering and I nearly heaved. What on *earth* was this guy smoking?

B.O. on an unimaginable scale. They need to start writing tickets for *that.*


  1. Trev Trev says:

    They’re thinking about decriminalizing Marijuana here in the UK. I’d hate to have that stench infiltrate the air. I’m actually not anti-marijuana as long as it’s smoked at home and not around kids, although I do worry about its psychological affects. I am open to debate, though.

  2. circ says:

    I think when one if running away from problems und pain, smells aren’t even on the to-do list. Tix :p That’s all we need. Bobbies might start dropping ppl for violating stink ordinace 442-91 +_+

  3. Tez says:

    In my experience, mass transit has always been a stomping grounds for the fetid. As a guy who used to be a bus driver, I’m surprised you don’t already own a plague mask of some sort.

    • Priest Priest says:

      I drove commuter coaches (i.e. Greyhound). Usually business types commuting from NY to Princeton, NJ. The worst we got were the Saturday night drunks on the 2am last bus out of the Port. Compared to *this* guy on the CS bus, I’d take the drunks any day.

  4. Dave Van Domelen says:

    Some drugs lead to hygiene habits (i.e. a lot of meth users clean obsessively), others are just correlated because of cultural reasons. Pot doesn’t so much cause B.O. as pot is the favored drug of people who already have a lax attitude towards showering. And pot then makes all attitudes even more lax.

  5. Mark Hale says:

    Not that it’s a choice you have to make but I vastly prefer pot to alcohol. But Todd Barry sums up my feelings (and, I think, yours, Priest) in about 90 seconds:


    • Priest Priest says:

      Hilarious. I was telling a relative… “If you lived in Colorado, you could be sitting on the hood of your Lexus, a Glock on your hip, an AK strapped to your back, parked in front of your pot store, and there’s literally be nothing the police could do about it. This is a true story:it’s the Wild, Wild West out here.

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