Big Trouble In Little Mogadishu

White Guys Talking To White Guys About Selling To White Guys: Latino U.S. Market: $750 Billion. Black U.S. Market: $892 Billion. Marvel and DC Minority-Targeted Publishing Lines: 0.

Latino and African American markets are worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the U.S. So far as I know, both majors have stupidly and arrogantly dismissed those markets, along with the Christian/Evangelical market, which virtually no major and precious few indys will touch—like they’re afraid of all that cash waiting to be collected. That’s money, lying all over the floor, and these guys are too lazy to pick it up. techniques for penis growth

Mainstream comics have long had an arrogant Anglo point of view. All of Marvel’s films are Anglo-centric. At least the Batman film people were savvy enough to put Morgan Freeman front and center, while the Iron Man franchise has utterly wasted both Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle. This sends a message to minority communities, whether or not DC or Marvel realize it.

Look, you’re either a businessman or you’re a fanboy. It’s tough to be both. A businessman sells. He doesn’t just sell to whites. He doesn’ t just sell what he likes. A businessman sells both Coke and Pepsi. A businessman looks for any avenue available to get his product out there. I could be wrong, and I’ll gleefully admit so if someone wants to set me straight. But in twelve years behind desks at Marvel and DC, what I saw from the sales force were white guys talking to white guys about selling to white guys. They were woefully inept at connecting to women or minorities, and, to my knowledge, have never developed strong relationships in black or Latino markets.

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  1. Thelmon Baggett says:

    Joe Bennett did a smooth job on Casper.

    Marvel and DC are corporations. The replicate not innovate.