Still Not A Couple

Okay, I’ve managed to hack my way back into my WordPress appliance. 🙂 As I mention in my non-essay, I really don’t have a whole lot to say about the Quantum and Woody miniseries other than to confirm that, yes, MD Bright and I are actually doing it and that Valiant will schedule it for a 2014 release. As for the monthly: I’m seeing some comments here (sorry, again, for my vanishing act) inquiring about it. I actually haven’t read the monthly yet. I’ve seen some preview stuff which I really liked, but the monthly is obviously a new interpretation of the concept, which seems to be all the rage these days (new creator takes over Green Bunny, completely reinvents the wheel).

By the time Acclaim went under, Q&W was immersed in a complex multi-part storyline which would have actually changed Woody into a villain. I can’t actually remember much of the nuts and bolts of where that was going, but the cancellation was abrupt and could not have occurred at a worse time. The new Valiant choosing to go their own way is, I think, certainly a better idea than trying to make sense out of where we left off.

Ironically, I feel I’m finally almost back to the point where I can be a fan again, where I can simply enjoy comics for what they are without being irritated by the politics of why That Guy got that plum assignment and not me. I’m still not happy about the idiotic star system where the companies, run so long by fanboys, have now so destroyed the medium that Spider-Man is no longer nearly as important as Michael J. Wojieczk’s Spider-Man. 9-year olds have no earthly clue who Wojieczk is. But we’re no longer interested in recruiting 9-year olds, but prefer to sell less books to the shrinking pool of existing fans. Only fans care who Wojieczk is, and without a name” attached to the project, the project sits. 9-year olds, on the other hand, are invested in Spider-Man, the product Marvel used to sell before Marvel (publishing) became a shill for comics creators.

The companies should reboot everything with unknown talent and see if they can start selling the characters again.

This is obviously a new generation of talent and it’s their turn to be inventive and creative. This is their Quantum and Woody and Doc and I have an obvious investment in the success of the series and Acclaim as a company, so we’re rooting for them. I was certainly aware of the monthly, but I would not have wanted to return to Q&W as a monthly and, frankly, had to sort-of be talked into the mini, only signing on after Doc and I and Valiant discovered what I felt was a unique angle on the series so it’s not simply a companion book or in competition with the existing monthly. Once we figured out a reason for doing it, I was more interested in the project.

More on this later, gotta run.


  1. Cthulhudrew says:

    Oh, wow. You can’t imagine how happy- no, ecstatic- I am to read about this. I am not really much into comics these days myself; I went to Comicon last year and popped into the Marvel panel just for fun and honestly could not relate to anything the panelists were talking about. It may be good, it may be bad; mostly, I just don’t recognize it any longer. I haven’t picked up NuQuantumandWoody for the same reason; I’m just not sure anyone else will “get it” like the creators, especially from the changes I’d read about. But I still like to pope in here now and then and see how you’re doing. I regret that I hadn’t done so in a while, but I’m glad I did again. Glad to hear about this, and glad you are well. Thanks for all the entertainment you have and still do provide.

    – Drew

  2. Mario says:

    Glad to know the legal hassles have been cleared up. While I can’t say I’m a fan of the latest Valiant universe (it’s just not my cuppa) at least I know they did right by you and Doc.

  3. Everton says:

    After what I remember as an ages long hiatus from the site(which was likely that you didn’t update for a bit and I stopped checking in), I’m thrilled to see you’re active again and posting interesting well stated opinions on things. And, I’m over joyed that you’ll be putting out a QaW goodness in the future.

    Just wanted to comment it’s nice to know you’re still around.

    -A Fan