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Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Have you heard about the nut in Atlanta asking 300,000 people for $300 apiece so he can by a $65M jet? I’m not sure what’s more incredulous, that he’s asking or that he actually might get it.

Y’know, Pastor Joe, the poor working shmuck at your local church, has an impossible task: to demonstrate the love of Christ amid assholes like Crefloe Dollar.


Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

I came this close to putting up a Facebook page over the weekend. I just can’t do it. FB is filled with the most ridiculous and banal yammering, embarrassing “look at me! Look at me!” pages bloated with selfies, stupid video, mindless chatter, and, of course, ads all over the place. I must be the crazy one: I can’t imagine why a billion people give up so much of themselves to what is, unquestionably, an enormous waste of time.

If even half the Americans on Facebook spent even a fraction of that time focused on America’s troubles, this country would be amazing. Facebook is the most insipid, narcissistic landscape of the stupid I have ever seen. I felt *soiled* just surfing around in it.

Logan’s Run

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

By now the extremes these Congressional Republicans will go to in their ceaseless attempts to nullify two consecutive presidential elections really should not surprise or upset me. And, lest any Republicans take offense, I suspect I myself am most likely a closet Republican. But, I am a David Brooks (New York Times) Republican, what I’m probably now calling The Sane Republicans or maybe The Adult Republicans. The GOP has become wholly owned and controlled by its extreme base and their megalomaniacal fanaticism apparently knows no bounds. They play politics with absolutely, positively everything, up to and including the world economy and efforts—regardless of how cosmetic or half-a-loaf—toward engagement over nuclear nonproliferation.

These extremes fall into a series of unprecedented and shockingly sophomoric if not infantile political maneuvers to the great degradation and loss of the American people. Oddly enough, it is those great American people I fault for this. Not for continuing to vote these guys into power, but for the two-thirds of us who can’t be bothered to vote them out.