Deathstroke Eisner nomination

Nominated for Best New Series!


  1. Rawhoth says:

    Much deserved. Hope it takes home the gold!

    I’ve been a Deathstroke fan longer than I’ve been a fan of anything else. I’m grateful and will continue to be grateful to have witnessed public Deathstroke reception go from being regarded as a 20 page “mindless violence” pamphlet to a community favorite “cerebral contemplation” tome.

    Thanks Priest and Co.

  2. Gabriel Carmelo Lopez says:

    One of the things I’ve come to like about this series is that a few characters — namely Mathew Bland — pretty much exist to point out how much of a badass Slade is. Wintergreen, on the other hand, points out how much of an asshole he is instead.

    • Dave Van Domelen says:

      I’d argue that Deathstroke does most of the pointing out that he’s an asshole, Wintergreen explains how Deathstroke’s more human and humane instincts filter through all those layers of asshole.

      • Gabriel Carmelo Lopez says:

        That’s certainly the case when he talks to Rose, but he’s pretty straight with Slade himself. On that note, I wonder if we’re going to get any action between Wintergreen and Jericho. Figurative action, I mean. I wanna see those two have a discussion.

        • Priest Priest says:

          Y’know– I hadn’t really realized it until you brought this up. WG is very paternal toward Rose because he initially found her in Cambodia. But WG is also an uncle of sorts to Jericho– and we haven’t really dealt with that yet. Good call.

  3. Gabriel Carmelo Lopez says:

    Okay, I also decided I really like how Slade uses the staff about once in every fight.

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