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Apple TV

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Craig wrote:

“I never got a Blu-ray player, but jumped on the Apple TV bandwagon pretty early and get my HD movies that way.”

Here in my cave, I’m only dimly aware of Apple TV, but a friend recently sung its praises. Better/worse than Chromecast, Roku, etc? I pulled the plug on cable/satellite about five years ago, now, and have grown so used to *not* watching TV that I am now like unto one of those obnoxious recovering alcoholic-types. I mean, we celebrate their sobriety, we really do, but I’ve had *crack fiends* come out of rehab and become obnoxious bores telling me what’s wrong with my life and how to fix it. I am that way about commercial television.

It’s not a religious thing, I’m not trying to preach to you, but I find it disturbing that, for all of its wide-ranging supposed inclusiveness, my visceral sense is at least 90% of what’s available on the Boob Tube denies God, which offends me. Now, wait, don’t click away, here’s what I mean: I don;t need or want every TV show to shake the hand of Christ. I loved House of Cards (which I saw on disc, as I see most TV). What I’m saying is, don’t be so freaking openly hostile, in every frame of every show, to who I am as an individual. (more…)

Comic Book Colouring

Monday, January 4th, 2016


You’ve mentioned how colourists can sometimes mess up and not colour scenes the way the writer or artist intended (Klang, for instance). How is this possible? Do they not have notes to ensure scenes are coloured correctly? And if the notes are ignored, why hasn’t the editor picked up on it? In this day and age with computers is it not easy to correct mistakes before they go to print?

Speaking of computers. I personally feel that modern colouring has made comic books too glossy looking and it’s lost it’s ‘cheap’ but stylised look. I especially like the sort of pastel tones of the books from the early 80s.

Modern comic colouring veers towards very muted tones where it’s hard to actually see what’s going on. I don’t know why this is because surely the idea of comics is to make everything easy to follow.

I’m just wondering what your views on modern colouring are?

Thanks in advance.

Def Jammed

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Someone gave me a Blu-Ray player and I am, frankly, reluctant to install it. When I was over friends’ homes watching movies on Blu-Ray, they just seemed… bad… to me. They didn’t look like film. Everything looked like it was shot on videotape, and *bad* videotape like 1970’s soap operas: just a little *too* lifelike and surreal.

This worries me because the industry is, of course, forcing us to use this technology (and, inevitably, 4k), but, to me, my upscaled “normal” DVD’s look a lot better and more film-like.

Is this normal? Is there some adjustment period I need to go through or is this actually what people are enjoying these days, films that look like bad 1970’s soap operas where everything seems to be made out of plastic? What am I missing? (more…)