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I Hate Going To The Movies

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Sorry for the vanishing act, tied up with a client’s special event and investing a lot of time in my Earth II self over at PraiseNet.Org. I am planning to rebuild this blog (specifically) with something fancier hopefully sometime this month. I’d like to rebuild the whole site but who has the time…

No, haven’t seen Ultron thing yet, waiting to clear out the early fanboys; I despise going to the movies. Somebody always kicking my seat, some kid crying, up the stairs, down the stairs to the potty, somebody eating some hot meal with God-awful stench, people talking (my favorite), and candy in cellophane wrappers (why oh why?!); people constantly digging in, crackling the crinkly plastic instead of (d’huh) removing it and shoving it into their pocket or wherever.

I hate going to the movies. The sound in my home theater is usually 100% better, nobody’s kicking me. But you can’t beat that 40-foot screen (or IMAX). So, I tend to wait out the early crowds and then try and sneak in on a 10 AM Tuesday show. That’s where you’ll find me at the movies, when it’s just me and the folks from the senior center puzzled as to what they are looking at.

Anyway, more soon. Thanks DVD for the DUAL plug, and congrats on the new car.