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October 15, 2013

I don't actually have anything to say. I'm sure I'll think of something eventually and, when I do, I'll post it here, but for this week, at least, I'm trying to dust off this website and tweak some of the aging code so that, when I actually do have something to say about something, I'll have a place to post it. I've actually forgotten my WordPress password, so that'll be my little project for the day, getting back in and updating everything (WordPress is always updating...) while hoping my theme doesn't break. My apologies to those awaiting blog moderation, I'm old, now, so remembering all these passwords becomes a daily challenge. Getting slammed in email, too. I'll try and keep up, thanks to everyone who took the time to write. For now, I will blab on for a couple paragraphs to cover some basics:

I will say I'm more than surprised by the gracious (and puzzling) applause over news that MD Bright and I are doing five issues of comics. For the first few weeks of back-and-forth with Valiant, I was fairly convinced that this was all a practical joke of some kind. I certainly appreciate everyone who actually asked for this project and who have supported this series in the past.

Sorry, there is no goat. We could have put "A" goat in there, but by this point in their lives, I'm pretty sure Vincent Van Goat has gone to Farm Heaven. Forcing a goat into the story pushes us past what we feel is an action-adventure super-hero buddy book (and, all right, super-hero deconstructionism) and into farce, which was never our vision for QW. I think QW is only funny when it evolves along plausible storylines rather than Doc and I sitting around going, "Ok, how do we make this funny?" Sorry to disappoint Vincent fans, but he appears regularly in the monthly.

Rights issues have been addressed and resolved largely due to the patient intervention of MD Bright and the Valiant executive team.

Last (for now): this really isn't a "return" to comics. Doc has been doing comics off and on all along. As for me, somebody finally offered me something I actually wanted to do, and the project had nothing whatsoever to do with my ethnicity. Here's some other stuff I'd like to do.

The project is scheduled for a 2014 release. You can find me hiding under my desk, hoping I haven't grossly disappointed people who've invested so much good faith in these characters and the work. Thanks so much to Doc for working out a way forward, to Dinesh Shamdasani, Warren Simons and Walter Black for their extraordinary patience and persistence in making this project possible.

More soon.

Christopher J. Priest
15 October 2013