Justice Lost

Sorry to be gone so long, I’m spinning a lot of plates these days. I am hearing very kind (maybe too-kind) things about “The People vs. Justice League” (which is actually the first half of a 10-issue run titled “Justice Lost”), which kind of surprises me a little in that I just assumed most fans would either not notice I was over there on JL or would hang me in effigy (as some are doing for my upcoming Deathstroke vs. Batman, a book that’s not even out yet and I am apparently being blamed for ruining Damian Wayne and Talia al Ghul).

The premise of my JL run is fairly simple: what if these people were real. What if there really were, in our real world, in our cynical, zero-sum, statically polarized Fox News vs. MSNBC world, a group of demi gods who has a clubhouse in orbit above us. How would the world respond to a real Justice League? My run wakes the world from it’s Silver Age (and even Grant Morrison-era) coma when what the team perceived as a relatively low-priority mission goes terribly wrong (issue #34). The starts the dominoes falling for the full ten issues, increasing the atmospheric pressure on this group of allies-if-not-quite-friends and forcing their philosophical differences to the surface. The point of the arc is to examine the question of what justice actually means in today’s deeply conflicted and unequal society, and how do the Justice League– a quaint Silver Age concept of people in gaudy costumes seated around a conference table– fit?

Relatively new guy Pete Woods is just a joy, an amazing gift to me for this run. Pete’s ultra-clean style clears away the noodly over-rendering as his amazing gift for storytelling adds depth to these scripts that is not actually on the page. It’s Pete using his head– and an amazing eye– to take these typed words to a new level. He is also a monster colorist whose approach to color adds our dramatic soundtrack to this work, giving it even more life and breadth. I’m just awed and so very grateful Pete took this on.

Unfortunately, Pete’s only got two hands, and we were unable to land an artistic partner who could co-create with us, which has resulted in several issues being drawn by several different artists. All of these folks are swinging for the fences and doing their best work, but the incongruity of art from issue to issue is not the best situation we could have hoped for. I am nonetheless grateful for just how hard each of them worked on getting things right, while the overall continuity of artistic vision couldn’t help but be compromised because everybody is drawing at the same time.

“Justice Lost” beats the drum toward the weekly event called “No Justice” and a completely new vision for JL on the way this summer.


  1. Thad says:

    I’m enjoying it. The angle of the tension between the League and the public reminds me a bit of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon (under head writer Dwayne McDuffie), but only a bit; you’re covering different ground.

    I liked the villain reveal. He’s got potential.

    (And hey, it looks like Martian Manhunter is a founding member of the League again? DC retcons are so hard to keep track of.)

  2. circ says:

    Good to hear from you again. I was planning to stick around reading JL well into the summer, but the ‘redirect’ has me a bit miffed. Looking forward to DS and whatever else (hopefully intriguing) projects you have. Be well!

  3. Dave Van Domelen says:

    It’s less that they’re afraid you’ll ruin Talia and Damian, and more that they’re convinced DC editorial hates the characters. Damian has a hard core of fans who feel he’s being ill-used in general (there’s a lot of “DC is racist” slung around by these people, since Damian is kinda sorta maybe part Arabic and Arabic heroes are realllly thin on the ground), and a few of them have crossed the line into thinking they’ll get their way if only they hurl enough insults and abuse.

  4. BigShadow says:

    really bummed you r off JL and bummed Vixen and Killer Frost are not part of this event hope to see you on Justice League again someday

  5. Jack says:

    All Robins really are entitled, even when they are infighting they usually agree that editorial has it in for them. I believe even Morrison got hate not just from Jason and Tim fans but even so called Damian fans for giving Damian a lighter skin tone and ofcourse

  6. Jack says:


    Killing him. I’ve always wanted a proper Batman vs Deathstroke story, one that actually offers more than just a cool fight. I’m also a sucker for Rose’s interactions with Damian and Dick. To say I’m looking forward is an understatement.

  7. Hello sir, new fan here, mostly because Im an old DC reader than never found a comfortable jumping-on point for Marvel stuff.

    I know you are likely weighing options right now, or maybe I am too late and you have already committed, but from someone who has loved your Deathstroke run I just wanted to say I genuinely hope you always have some spinning plates at DC.

  8. Ian Miller says:

    As someone who’s really been loving your work and Pete Woods’ amazing art, I’m incredibly saddened that this is only 10 issues. However, that is a nice length for an arc, and I look forward to seeing what happens next! I really, really dig the concept of the Justice League as facing real conflicts, instead of the overblown unbelievable cosmic stuff that is currently going on in Metal and I expect will spill over into No Justice.

    I’m really grateful for Pete’s commitment to the book, despite the punishing schedule, and appreciate that they’re getting strong fill-ins to let him catch up and do the finale.

  9. Ken says:

    It would be amazing Mr/Rev. Priest if this is your best-selling comics month of your career (depending on how well, you did a few weeks ago with having three comics drop at one time). You and Tom King are the only things keeping me buying comics right now.

  10. BigShadow says:

    this is an unrelated question but if you ever had the chance would you write The Mighty Thor? and if you did what would be your game plan?

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